2019 Benefice Survey

As part of trying to discern what we were seeking in a new vicar the churchwardens and others involved in the recruitment process sent out a survey to the those living in the Benefice.

We wrote:

As we look for a new vicar for these churches, we invite you to take a few minutes to tell us what you think is important about your church and what you would like to see happening over the next five years or so. We feel it is important to hear from everyone, not just regular church goers. The survey is anonymous; a summary of the views expressed will be used in our recruitment process for the new vicar.

The survey was posted through doors, included in The Link magazine, handed out at village events and was made available on village websites. A link was provided to enable people to complete it online if they preferred.

The results of the survey are outlined below.  111 people took the time to respond. 60 filled in hard copies and 51 completed it online. Their feedback provides a helpful impression of what church and non-church attenders in the Benefice feel about their local churches and their views on some of the challenges facing a new incumbent.

The views are combined to give a Benefice wide picture but as there are some significant differences between villages at times the information is captured under village headings.

Click on the following links for the results of the survey and some illustrative word clouds:




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